By Olivier Dellacherie

I have been investigating the Corporate Governance World for the last 10 years, and am convinced that a sounding and well composed Board of Directors(BOD) or Advisory Board can really improve the Governance and the success of a Company. I have always been surprised by reluctance to open Boards to external and experienced member in most SBEs, even if there is a significant and favorable evolution of minds over the last decade.
I don’t speak about mid- and large caps, for which the stage has been passed, but for thousands of businesses, far away of Stock exchange, and having neither imagined nor even dreamed of an IPO -“what does this word mean?”-

For all that world, after having understood the gist, the usual question is: How much will it cost? And after a well-documented presentation with among others strong arguments, proving that each new Board member will cost less than their part-time maid for a seasoned executive with proven experience, they are often still reluctant to spend a little cash, without having been pragmatically convinced of expected results: you can’t have your cake and eat it…
However, in this heterogeneous world, the most interested entrepreneurs are generally leaders or founders of Startups or potential high-growth companies, dealing in a scientific domain or with investors, and for whom they have seen the windfall to have seasoned executives sitting at their board (advisory or statutory) to speed up the development, challenge the strategy, mentor the founder team, share their network and also open new opportunities and business. But for these, although very motivated to implement that idea, they have at least a reason to justify themselves: their lean resources must be dedicated to develop their core business, and they can’t afford spending even a part of them in Board attendance fees.
They must be informed that there is now a community of seasoned Talents, ready to share their experience, skills and networks for Sweat equity.
Talent for Equity™ is a platform dedicated to CEO/BOD of Growth companies and founders of promising innovative Start-ups, trying to get new Talents and high-profile Executives, Advisors or Board members, to build or strengthen their dream team.
Talent for Equity™ enables founder/entrepreneur’s team to access and to afford the same Talents pool as established companies, with proven competences and experience, and motivated to share the risk with them.
What sets Talent for Equity™ apart, is to do so with minimum cash-out, in capitalizing on tools at disposal like “Sweat Equity”, as these companies are most of the time still flexible as to their capital structure, and able to pay for performance and value creation on an Equity basis.

– Olivier Dellacherie

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