How to help you position for a Board seat

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That is an interesting question as many new members of their very first Board of Directors wonder how to position themselves to be more visible for a possible application for an additional directorship.…

Comply or Explain / Explain or Cancel

By Olivier Dellacherie, Executive Chairman, Talent4Boards Inc.

This is the central question posed to the Board of Directors of Pharmaceutical leader Novartis and its president, Daniel Vasella, who was retiring today after the General Meeting, initially with a check of about 1 million dollars per month for the next 6 years (72MCHF – 80M$), before the cancellation of the decision under pressure from major shareholders and the public.…

The pros and cons of an Advisory Board

By Olivier Dellacherie, Executive chairman, Talent4Boards Inc.

Below are the pros that we have gathered in various papers, blogs and websites about the topic.