At Talent4Boards™, our targeted audiences are mainly Board Members – present or prospective -, Directors, seasoned Executives or Entrepreneurs of all types of Companies (Public Shareholding Companies, Family Owned Enterprises as well as rising Start-ups and growth companies).

We gather Corporate Board members from most of the Fortune 500, Global 500 as well as main Unicorns at worldwide level.

There is there an exclusive territory with an expanded ability to market other services and qualifying programs as well as benefit from a co-branded online environment, site monitoring and multiple communication tools. If you are interested to join our partner program, please contact us.

We will encourage Talent to update their skills and knowledge about Corporate Governance and Board practices at every chance they have.

Talent4Boards™ is – on-invite only – aiming to screen thoroughly all applications prior to approval. Membership to main directors’ associations or Corporate Governance institutes – as well as attendance to dedicated or chartered directors programs – could help recognize the eligibility.