Our Values

Our philosophy is that great Boards make great companies,


great Boards must draw from a broad, independent and diverse pool of Board candidates.

With the goal of making Boards – and thus companies – better, Talent4Boards™ is building an extensive community of current and potential Board members. The revolutionary aspect of Talent4Boards™ is that we look beyond the realm of “who do you know?” to the thousands of competent, experienced, talented people in the international business world.

We strongly believe in Board diversity, not just in terms of getting more women on Boards, but true diversity of Talent, experience, background, nationality, and gender.

We believe that better Boards will facilitate more robust management, and more strategic thinking and will help companies emerge stronger and better equipped to face the modern global business environment.

We believe diversity of opinions, experience, and background is essential to long-term success and good Corporate Governance. Boards of directors should reflect company stakeholders including shareholders and customers in their diversity. The best Boards draw on diverse experience, skills, and perspectives to obtain optimal strategic decisions. The next generation of Board members shall include tech-savvy professionals who have specific expertise or relevant international experience to address the global challenging markets.

These Boards create better stakeholder value.