How to allocate Equity in a Start-up?

A great question discussed by “Steven Diebold” in his blog.

  1. Don’t be greedy
  2. Don’t value your company by yourself
  3. Plan on dilution
  4. Don’t sweat the dilution
  5. Don’t hire VPs or CEOs too early
  6. Cash is king
  7. depending on Risk Profile of the Venture
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Splitting Founder’s Equity

You’re starting a new company. Congratulations! Before preparing for your product launch or talking to customers, however, you need to agree upon the allocation and terms for the equity, or ownership, of the company among you and your co-founders.

a Sounding Board: Challenge and opportunities

By Olivier Dellacherie, Executive Chairman, Talent4Boards Inc.

I have been investigating the Corporate Governance World for the last ten years, and am convinced that a sounding and well-composed Board of Directors (BOD) or Advisory Board can improve the Governance and the success of a Company.

Board Committees: a real benefit

Union Square’s Fred Wilson talks about how committees spring up in larger boards to deal with specific responsibilities and projects.

CleanTech companies attract Top CEO Talent

According to the high-end executive search firm, Clark Langdon Partners, the CleanTech industry has been able to attract some of the best CEO talent and executive leadership across multiple industries.