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  • 1. How to be a potential Talent?

    We expect Talents to have significant experience and/or relevant expertise in at least one domain or industry, a little time available for Board attendance (ie committee works if any), knowledge of boards attendance, discretion and confidentiality, as well as the will to help a project or a team and to be committed to.

    Talents should also agree to update their skills and knowledge about Corporate Governance and Board attendance if necessary

  • 2. How to know if my profile fits with Talent4Boards requirement?

    Whether you are - a seasoned and experienced Board member - a professional/executive with capacity to be a good one or graduated of a professional qualification for directors - a new generation of Talent having succeeded in their venture and ready to move forward - you should register to be a part of a peers community.

    Talent4Boards™ thinks Global and does not limit its platform to any industry and domains - the sole limit being the talent of our Talent -

    Talent4Boards™ focuses on Talent including but not limited to present or former C-Level seasoned Executives, Board members (directors or advisory), Entrepreneurs, experienced Consultants and Professionals, wise Investors and Business Angels, each of them having experience as Board members or willingness to commit in their role as Board member.

  • 3. What benefits does Membership have?

    Companies need better, more professional Boards.

    Finding the right Talent is becoming more difficult and Boards must expand their ideas about who makes a successful director. Evolving corporate challenges means a Board must be more diverse, more flexible and more accountable.

    In order to allow companies to move beyond the traditional, limited pool of Board members – CEO, CFO – Talent4Boards™ has created a network of highly talented, diverse and skilled experts who will make perfect Board candidates and help guide your company into the future.

  • 4. Must I be a certified Director to join?

    No, although this is actively encouraged.

    We believe that diversity of thought, experience and background is essential to long-term success and good Corporate Governance.

    A Board member should reflect company stakeholders and shareholders in their diversity. The best Boards draw on diverse experience, skills, and perspective to obtain optimal strategic decisions.

    These Boards create better stakeholder value.

  • 5. Global or Locally based?

    Talent4Boards is a globally focused platform although it offers solutions for both the large corporation as well as local non-profits.

    • 6. What is Talent4Boards?

      Talent4Boards is a on-invite only membership based peer-peer platform focused on the world of Boards and potential Talent for the boardroom. Talent4Boards™ evolves to a global Board news and publishing portal that focuses on Board visibility for public companies as well as VC or PE-backed companies.

      Talent4Boards offers Talent a chance to join an exclusive, global community of Executives and their respective Boards, while at the same time offering these very same Boards the chance to find new Talent for vacant seats.


      Talent can be described as being an experienced and talented professional who is looking at increasing his presence within the global executive world in order to find new opportunities – if not first opportunity – to sit on various Boards, globally or locally.


      Boards are Boards of Directors or Advisory Boards, being public, private or non-profit.

      These Boards are looking to increase their global network in order to efficiently seek new Talent for open seats in a cost effective way.

      Talent4Boards™ network is global and includes both Corporate Directors of Fortune 500Global 500 companies as well as those of Unicorns and other Start-ups/Growth companies.