How does it work?

Great Talent Builds Great Boards

Companies need better, more professional Boards. Finding the right Talent is becoming more difficult and Boards must expand their ideas about who makes a successful director. Evolving corporate challenges means Boards must be more diverse, more flexible and more accountable.

In order to allow companies to move beyond the traditional, limited pool of Board members – CEO, CFO – Talent4Boards™ has created a network of highly talented, diverse and skilled experts who will make perfect Board candidates and help guide your company into the future.

Candidates also benefit from being part of a community of business experts and corporate leaders that can share knowledge, experience, and motivation, all of which will make you a better director.

By joining us and registering for free – with no hidden costs and with full respect of confidentiality and privacy – you may position yourself as an available Talent or candidate for a Board seat, or simply be listed among your peers, as a member of the community, while Companies may present their Board and have the opportunity to search for prospective Talent for their Board.

Currently we are in the process of developing our BETA community platform including many exciting features that will be released in the coming months, all targeted to the Board community – news, industry trends, board appointments, and new opportunities, diversity issues, Corporate Governance practices, and trends, as well as helping to prepare the FUTURE generation of talent for global boards of directors / advisory boards.

We look forward to having you as a valuable member and helping us to build your global professional community of the Board of Directors made up of well balanced and composed of exceptional talent.